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Charity Therapy

Jan 25, 2024

Today on Charity Therapy, Jess shares some real talk about the wild world of nonprofit tax forms.

Yeah, we know taxes can be a snooze fest, but stick with us! In this episode, we’re bringing on the legendary Eve Borenstein, who's basically the superhero of IRS Form 990. Together, we're tackling the crazy challenges you face with these forms and helping keep your nonprofit from getting lost in the IRS maze.

Have you ever felt like pulling your hair out when dealing with the IRS? You're not alone! Eve and Jess chat about why the IRS seems stuck in the dark ages and how it's messing with nonprofits big time. We're dishing out the juicy details and even some nonprofit gossip that you can actually find on these forms. Yeah, gossip – who knew tax forms could be so telling?

We also get into the nitty-gritty of the public support test. It sounds like a big deal because it is – it's the thing that keeps your nonprofit in the clear for tax-exempt status. Plus, we're sharing some horror stories from nonprofits just like yours that have been through the wringer with the IRS. And guess what? We've got some handy tips and tricks to help you come out on top.

Grab your life vest, and let's navigate these choppy nonprofit tax waters together!

In this episode, you will hear:

  • “Queen of the 990” Eve Borenstein spills the tea on keeping your nonprofit from sinking in IRS drama

  • Learn how to avoid the automatic "you're outta here" from the IRS

  • What to do if the IRS messes up your 990 forms

  • The scary public support test and showing you've got a bunch of different people backing you up – not just one big spender

  • The short-staffed IRS causing major headaches for nonprofits

  • Stories of IRS chaos and tips on dealing with it

  • Weird penalty letters from the IRS and keeping your cool

  • How filing your 990 is like your nonprofit's yearbook – it tells your story

  • Straight talk from Eve on how the IRS's old-school tech and understaffing are making life tough for nonprofits

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