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Charity Therapy

Apr 4, 2024

I've got a real treat for you in this episode of Charity Therapy. It's all about finding that sweet spot for your nonprofit's mission and vision without tripping over those pesky legal lines.

Meghan and I dive into why your mission should feel like a finish line you can cross—not just some far-off dream you're chasing forever. We also get real about those missions that are so big and messy that they could keep you busy till the end of time. But don't worry—we're all about keeping it real and making sure you've got goals you can tick off your list.

Then, we're chatting about sprucing up your mission to match all the cool new stuff your nonprofit is up to. Because let's face it, your group isn't the same as it was 20 years ago, and neither should your mission statement. I'll let you in on the secrets of keeping it fresh and legal so the IRS stays off your back while you're out there changing the world. Remember, it's like giving your nonprofit a new haircut—you want to look sharp but don't want to end up with a style that screams, “I lost a bet.” Lastly, we're giving high-fives to those forward-thinking nonprofits planning for the future like champs.

Together, we're making the nonprofit journey less of a solo hike and more of a group road trip—complete with cheesy snacks and off-key singalongs. Let's hit the road and make some magic happen for your nonprofit!

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Diving into the confusion between nonprofit mission vs. vision

  • Why mission vs. vision is like comparing your wildest dreams to the steps you need to take toward them

  • The achievability of a nonprofit mission can be a can of worms

  • Being too successful might put you out of business

  • Updating your mission statement and keeping the tax folks happy

  • Broadening your mission statement to help growth, but clarity is key!

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