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Charity Therapy

May 25, 2023

In this episode of Charity Therapy, Meghan and I tackle another fundraising question - this time about dealing with difficult donors.  This episode is a prime example of why it’s SO important to stay focused on your organization's mission, rather than bending to every whim of potential donors. Listen in as we share personal experiences of how being too accommodating to the folks with the big bucks can actually harm your nonprofit, and why it's crucial for organizations to have the courage to say no.

We do a deep dive into a listener's tricky situation with a demanding donor as they try to stay true to the organization's mission. This situation is the perfect case study of why it’s crucial that we as nonprofit folks cultivate a real relationship with donors, instead of just treating them like a set of deep pockets. Plus, we’ll share some ideas of how to handle donor requests that just don't align with your org’s goals.

Finally, you’ll hear about how questionable fundraising practices can impact your entire nonprofit. Is the culture of your org all about the almighty dollar, or are there other values being displayed in your fundraising? So, join us for this convo to explore the delicate dance between making donors happy and staying true to your organization's mission.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • When to keep your donors happy - and when not to!
  • How to handle specific donor requests
  • Why genuine relationships with donors will change your fundraising life
  • What a gift acceptance policy is, and why you need one
  • The problems that come from lying to a donor
  • How your fundraising practices and priorities create the culture of the nonprofit
  • The Importance of Culture in Nonprofits

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