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Charity Therapy

Mar 7, 2024

Jess is coming at you with another episode that's gonna knock your grant-seeking socks off.

In this episode of Charity Therapy, Jess is hanging out with the amazing Allison Welch, who's like a treasure hunter for grants, guiding us through the twists and turns of nonprofit funding. We're peeling back the curtain on that mysterious world of grant dollars, and it's not just about waving that 501(c)(3) magic wand and watching the money fall from the sky.

We're getting down to the nitty-gritty of what you really need to snag those grants – a mission statement that sticks, a rock-solid program that's just begging for support, and the financial storytelling that proves you're the real deal. And for a bit of real-world spice, we tackle a listener's pickle with reimbursement grants. Yep, they're as tricky as they sound, but fear not! We're sharing how they navigated those choppy waters and came out with their pockets full.

Now, don't go thinking this is your typical snooze-fest chat about funds and figures. Oh no, we're bringing the fun with our take on the funder-fundraiser dance, advocating for a buddy-buddy approach that could open doors to a goldmine of support. Plus, we're diving into the AI debate – can robots really help write grant proposals, or do they lack that human sparkle?

Tune in and get armed with the insider knowledge that could make all the difference for your nonprofit's future. Grab a snack, hit play, and let's conquer the grant game together!

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Discover why 501(c)(3) status is just the start of your nonprofit's funding adventure

  • Learn the must-haves for snagging grants: a sharp mission, a solid program, and financial docs that share your money story

  • The lowdown on managing reimbursement grants

  • Change your tune on fundraising: think partnership—for a dance with donors that could mean big bucks

  • Chatting with funders and asking for advice to open doors to more moolah

  • AI in grant writing and why human touch wins for connecting with funders' hearts and wallets

  • Grants ain't fast food—they're a slow cook to success

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