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Charity Therapy

Mar 21, 2024

Today on Charity Therapy, Meghan and I dive into the sometimes tricky and often murky waters of nonprofit tax exemption and financial compliance. Think of us as your guides on a thrilling trek through the IRS jungle, equipped with the know-how to tackle those intimidating forms 1023 and 1024. And yes, we'll even chat about my duck Clover's latest shenanigans – because why not mix a little quack with our quality advice?

We're talking shop and celebrating a nonprofit that totally crushed its fundraising goals (high fives all around!). But, as they say, with great fundraising comes great paperwork responsibility. Transitioning from a simple 990N to the full 990 form can be daunting, but fear not! We're here to help you navigate the choppy seas of record-keeping, getting help from pros when you need it and bracing for those state audits that can pop up when you least expect them. It's all about keeping your nonprofit financially fit and compliant as it grows.

Join us as we break down what it really means to apply for tax exemption (spoiler alert: it's not a walk in the park) and answer a listener's burning question about an unexpected cash windfall (hello, big bucks!). Remember, while the IRS isn't out to get you for being unexpectedly awesome at raising funds, they expect you to play by the rules.

Buckle up, bring your questions, and let's make this nonprofit journey a little less bumpy and a lot more fun. And as for Clover? She's doing just fine, taking baths in dish pans and living her best duck life.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • A fun journey through the IRS maze, with duck tales and expert advice on nonprofit tax forms

  • Learn the real scoop on the 1023 and 1024 forms

  • Why the “EZ” in 1023-EZ might be misleading

  • Get clued in on what to do when your nonprofit's cash flow goes from small change to big bucks

  • The switch from 990N to the full 990 form

  • Why meticulous records and a pro accountant are your nonprofit's new best friends

  • Tips on staying financially healthy and compliant – even when you hit the jackpot with a huge grant

  • Jess’s mud-splattered morning with her duck Clover proves that nonprofit work can be as unpredictable as a backyard barnyard

  • A shoutout to the proactive nonprofit that remembered its financial limits

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