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Charity Therapy

Jun 8, 2023

When you think about nonprofits, lots of different things come to mind - missions and visions, fundraising, hard-working staff, and strong communities. But do you know what most folks don’t think of? Efficiency.

Today, Meghan and I are taking you on a journey into the (messy) world of nonprofit operations. Working for a nonprofit can be tough, where you’re always trying to do more with less. But there's a better way. Let's challenge the idea that you have to work crazy hours to get things done and show your dedication. In this episode, we’re exploring ways to make your nonprofit work better and still have a life.

Standard operation procedures - what are they, and why do you need them? Tune in to hear how they can transform your nonprofit-life. Imagine everyone on your team being on the same page and having easy access to information. We cover the who, what, when, where, how, and WHY of SOPs and why it's totally worth it for every organization!

So, if you're ready to make your nonprofit run smoothly and get awesome results with less stress, don't miss this episode! We'll help you make a big impact while still enjoying your life. Let's make your nonprofit shine!

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Nonprofits are BUSINESSES
  • How Standard Operating Procedures will save your organization
  • What platforms are perfect for your SOPs (Airtable, Tettra, and Evernote) 
  • Why you should take time to invest in the business side of a nonprofit!
  • How to measure dedication to your mission; Hint: It’s not ‘hours worked!’

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